The Tower of Dr.Zalost
Season 1, Episode 51
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Dr.Zalost and Rat

The Tower Of Dr.Zalost is the season finale of Season 1 and is Episode 51.It is a episode(takes 30 mins)

Plot 1Edit

Dr.Zalost is a sad and misunderstood scientist.He is constantly sad and can't bare happiness.So he decides that if he can't be happy,no one can.He makes tons of sad bombs that if shot at a person, makes them sad.Meanwhile at the farmhouse,Muriel is making happy plums and while Courage eats them all,Muriel says that she has another batch of them.Dr.Zalost arrives in his tower(that can move)and starts shooting people with sad bombs,Muriel is hit and becomes sad and lazed up.But Eustace is hit twice with sad bombs but no effect on him appears,since he is already angry.Dr.Zalost says that everyone in the country will be sad.~Episodes ends for a break~

Plot 2Edit

Courage and Eustace decide to team up(?) and stop Dr.Zalost.So Eustace delivers a pizza(by bribing Dr.Zalost for a 20$ bill).Dr.Zalost leaves'the pizza' on a table and leaves to see the progress.Courage is in the pizza box and decides to stop Dr.Zalost plans.He beats the deadly traps but is tangled in rope by Dr.Zalost and challenges Courage to Hang-A-Man.The word is a four-letter and Courage has one chance left(the right arm).He chooses O and two O's are in the word.Strangely,Dr.Zalost tells Courage that he can buy a vowel for 5$.Courage says that he is being bribed,so Dr.Zalost stops the cannon he is about to shoot with and tells him the rules.Courage guesses the word'BOOM' but Dr.Zalost says that he cheated,which isn't true.So he chases Courage threathineng him.Courage hides under the table in his house altough Dr.Zalost finds him.Courage remembers in The Happy Plums and feeds one to Dr.Zalost.He is turned happy and hugely thanks Courage.The episode ends with(off-screen)Dr.Zalost saying"I'm so embarrased".


  • Ugh.YOU CHEATED!-Dr.Zalost
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  • Dr.Zalost holding a sad bomb.
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  • Rat counting the money.
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  • The Tower Of Dr.Zalost
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  • Explaining th rules for buying letters.
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  • Should we hug-Dr.Zalost


~At first Eustace thinks that teenagers are in the tower.

~When the rat was hit with a sad bomb he was turned into a baby,with Dr.Zalost taking care of him.

~In Czech,the word 'žalost' means sorrowfulness(sadness).

~Eustace understands that Courage has a plan int his episode, but doesn't want to be part of it.