Ma Bagge
Ma Bagge
Ma Bagge
Full Name Ma Bagge
Gender: Female
Age 111
Species Human
Nationality American
Hair None, wears a mauve wig
Eyes Light hazel
First Appearance Mother's Day
Last Appearance Scuba Scuba Doo
Location Middle of Nowhere
Relatives Ickett Bagge (husband)
Eustace Bagge (son)
Horst Bagge (son)
Auntie Griselda (great-great aunt)
Muriel Bagge (daughter in-law)
Portrayer(s) Billie Lou Watt

Ma Bagge is Eustace's mother, with whom he shares a hate relationship and calls Eustace a "stupid boy". Like him she is actually bald but wears a wig and looks almost identical to her son, but much shorter. Like Eustace, Ma is insecure due to being bald, but she does have her teeth. She likes herself more than Eustace and Courage Ma Bagge is the primary antagonist of the series. She was the one who raised Eustace and it was part of the reason for Eustace's negative personality.

She was voiced by the late Billie Lou Watt in her final role before she died of lung cancer in 2001.

Personality Edit

Ma Bagge has a hate realtionship with Eustace. She is mean to Eustace, and called him a stupid boy. Ma Bagge is the evil owner of the Growth Industries.

Trivia Edit

  • She is voiced by the late actress Billie Lou Watt because she died of cancer.
  • She is allergic to flowers and doesn't like chocolate.
  • Ma Bagge and Horst's ill treatment was part of the reason for Eustace's negative personality.