Ickett Bagge
Placeholder person
Full Name Ickett Bagge
Gender: Male
Age 119; deceased
Species Human
Nationality American
Hair Bald With A White Beard
Eyes Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown
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Relatives Wife: Ma Bagge

Son: Eustace Bagge

Daughter-In-Law: Muriel Bagge

Great-Nephew: Freaky Fred

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Ickett Bagge was Ma Bagge's husband and he was the father of Eustace and Horst Bagge. Ickett Bagge was a soldier in World War 2 in his younger years. After resigning from the military, he became a Sheriff at Franklin, County for 35 years until retirement age. Ickett got older and died after he retired from work. Ma Bagge is a widow of Ickett. As of 1/21/2019 Ickett would’ve celebrated his 119th birthday. Eustace bares a great resemblance to his father only diffrence is that he has a long white beard and was more muscular than Eustace. He was listed in at a height of 6 ft 8. Ickett Bagge is the unseen teirtary antagonist of the series.